WonderCon 2010: Cast of Chuck Talks About Keeping Secrets And Faith


Levi also talked about how some fans were getting impatient with Chuck’s relationship with fellow spy Sarah Walker. At this point, they were in a love triangle with another spy named Shaw as they were trying to defeat an evil group called the Ring.

Again, he knows how they feel, but it’s all part of how the show is developing. "We’re just trying to make the best decisions we can," he says, "with the orders as they came down, and stick with us."

The show originally had 13 episodes planned, but soon got an order for six more. It was also announced that Scott Bakula would be back as Chuck’s dad, who isn’t happy that his son is a spy. This may worry fans, but Levi again says it’s natural. "I don’t think they (the writers) want to do anything that the masses wouldn’t want them to do. They’re trying to make it as compelling as possible along the way. If Morgan (Gomez) just knew off the gates in episode one, you got nowhere to go.

"The end result," Levi continued," is one that I think is going to be fulfilling to everyone." He compared it to how fans of Lost stuck with the show to understand everything about the island for so long.

Gomez also talked about how he had a blast working with Baldwin in "Chuck vs. the Beard", which Levi directed, and hinted maybe Morgan and Casey would make a great team. Baldwin seemed skeptical. but that was only to hide what would wind up happening in "Chuck vs. The Other Guy"….namely Morgan would be allowed to join Team Bartowski and Casey would be reinstated  after he helps get the Ring’s boss. Oh, and Chuck and Sarah would finally be a couple.

As the show wraps up a third season, and the cast hopes for a fourth, Levi is philosophical about how the show has affected his career. He admits Chuck hasn’t dominated the ratings like CSI, but has had a passionate following. "If you’re going to be a ‘wait-and-see’ show, it’s great to be a ‘wait and see’ show that you know that people passionately care about.", he says. "However long we go, I think in years to come we’ll be one of those shows had its little place in history, whether that was because fans bought Subway sandwiches to save us, or because it was this incredibly unique thing."

Baldwin, a long-time favorite of Whedon fans, also talked about the show affected his career. "I just always appreciate the steady work," he said, "especially when you have a group of people that love coming to the show, and serving the show like we have; cast and crew who is dedicated, hard-working, long hours, and perhaps it’s further entrenched my niche as the funny thug." 

For now, fans of the show are hopeful for a fourth season, and are prepared to buy as many Subway sandwiches as possible to make sure it happens.

Chuck airs Mondays at 8 PM on NBC


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