TV Campfire Podcast #298

We talk Game of Thrones[3;49], Fear the Walking Dead[10;32], Lucifer[14;15], Blindspot[17;17], 12 Monkeys[21;11], The Flash[26;38], Agents of SHIELD[32;37], Limitless[40;37], Arrow[46;09], Black-ish[52;11], The Blacklist[55;36], Orphan Black[1;01;03]

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Post Author: Libya El-Amin

Site editor, staff writer, reviewer, interviewer and all around TV watcher. Host of TV Campfire Podcast where we talk about all the TV shows I manage to watch each week. Sometimes the number of shows is staggering which means I have some sort of addiction. I also edit for television in real life.

1 thought on “TV Campfire Podcast #298

    Jason Herl

    (2016-05-03 - 7:39 am)

    Greetings all,

    Another fun show! Thanks for your efforts bring us this podcast.

    Two thoughts…

    1 The Ranch on Netflix maybe a little better then you expect. Ashton is the weakest cast member for me. There is also… Danny Masterson (Hyde from That 70’s Show), Sam Elliott, and Debra Winger. Overall the show is like a conservative version of That 70’s Show.

    2 If you would like, I can tell you what I suspect will occur on Lucifer…

    (SPOILERS probably).

    – As they have been following the books in principle, the Mom mentioned at the end of the season is likely “Lilith”. She will most likely not be Lucifer’s mom, but the mother of all demons. Lucifer just keeps forgetting that he is not a demon (like Maz is) but a fallen angel. Thus he calls her mom.

    – Again as they are following the books sort of, the cop (Cloe) is important because of who her dad is. Her father is most likely Michael the arch-angel which wil take a long time to roll out as a principle to the show’s plot.

    Thanks again.

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