It’s been running for more than a week, and attracted a lot of attention from Comic-Con visitors. We talked to someone on the staff who said Zack Whedon even dropped by, His verdict was given in Twitter: If you are a dr horrible fan the live production is AMAZING. 10th Ave Theater. It runs through the 30th. Go!
He’s not kidding. The group made a few tweaks to the story. Moist is a bit more involved, we get a lot of dancing, and even a PSA from Captain Hammer on why we should look out for science geeks.
Nathan Turner is a fine Dr. H. He doesn’t try to copy Neil Patrick Harris’ style. He adds his own sense of innocence and menace to the musical. Jane Lui is also wonderful as the love of Dr. H’s life. Her voice also as quiet and beautiful as Felicia Day. Michael Minto plays Captain Hammer as an arrogant Big Man on Campus, and pulls it off well.
What is also interesting is how they re-stage the musical numbers. In "My Eyes", we see Dr. H sing while homeless people dance. Then Penny sings with Captain Hammer, while Dr. H and Moist try to see what’s happening without being seen. The climax is when Dr.H and Penny sing at opposite ends of the stage while the homeless dance and Captain Hammer tries to stay out of the way.

The climax is also incredible. There’s a lot of power when you see Billy make the final change to the super-villain he always wanted to be…at a very big price.

This is also one of the last times anyone can produce Dr. Horrible on any stage. This will run next weekend, and with a little work, it would do well on Broadway.

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