Long time friends, Adam Busch and, singer and lead guitarist, Eric Kufs, co-write the unusual and at times political lyrics to Common Rotation’s music. The band’s third member is Jordan Katz, an immensely talented musician. He is skilled in a variety of instruments; including trumpet, banjo and guitar. Jordan also tours with several other bands.
Tonight at the Hotel Cafe, Common Rotation were joined on stage by percussionist Ken Beck, Matt Young on stand up bass and Randy Raddatz on mandolin. Adam and Eric were energetic and animated, entertaining the crowd with their shtick, along with their unique musical style. Adam proved his expertise on the glockenspiel and sax. Old favorites, along with some new tunes were covered to the delight of the crowd. Actress Amber Benson, "Tara" from Buffy, was also there to enjoy the show.

Hotel Cafe is the place to go to enjoy a variety of unsigned musical talent. Three bands preceded Common Rotation. The best of them, "Down the Line" was exceptional and the debut of their new CD received great encouragement from the audience.

Common Rotation is just finishing up a nationwide tour with two dates in Hollywood. Besides the Hotel Cafe, they are also playing the Knitting Factory-Hollywood on Tuesday, April 10, 2007.

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