Christian Kane is a country boy and besides being an incredibly talented actor, he is an amazing country singer. Christian is signed by Columbia Records Nashville and his first single “More Than I Deserve” is coming to radio April 28th. The song is not new, it can be found on his Kane London CD, which is a live acoustic with both Christian and his songwriting partner, Steve Carlson. Christian and Steve have been working hard on their music for almost 10 years now. Christian and Steve formed the country/rock band Kane back in 1989 and played clubs around Los Angeles. The first time I saw them play was at the Key Club in Hollywood, other Whedon alumni were also performing that night. I was so impressed, I continued to catch as many of Kane’s L.A. shows as possible, including several acoustic Christian and Steve duos. The band, Kane, have not played L.A. since Christian has been in Nashville and it has been hard on us, their fans.

Steve has formed his own rock band The Steve Carlson Band and plays L.A. clubs, while Christian has been recording his country music in Nashville. Christian has also been nominated for “Supporting Character of the Year” for his role in Carrie Underwood‘s video “So Small” in the CMT Music Awards. According to his MySpace blog, Christian is working on a film called Forlorn, which has something to do with the Donner Party of early Californian history. He also has a series coming up for TNT called Leverage.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Christian, several times. He is always friendly, approachable and very nice. I am enjoying his growing success. I miss the energy of a live Kane performance and am hoping that the band will reunite and play L.A. again. I am afraid that someday (and probably too soon) he will be too big to play our little nightclubs, but I hope he has all the success he deserves.

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