Steve not only fronts his own band, but plays lead guitar in the band Kane. I believe he is destined for greatness, so catch him while you can. His singing voice ranges from rough and raw, when he is rockin’, to tender, for his many beloved ballads. Steve Dress is the band’s bass player and back up vocals. He plays both bass guitar & upright bass and his love of music shows in his animated movements and expression. Drummer, Jonah Dolan, keeps the bands energy moving. The group is completed by David Olivas, aka "The Kid", playing his sax and flute. Regulars at the Hotel Café are often treated to his sax solo as he meanders through the crowd during their rendition of the Rolling Stones song Miss You. This is not a band to miss; make every effort to catch their almost monthly gigs at the Hotel Café in Hollywood. Catch them when you can and they will show you what it is to Rock & Roll. 

At Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural, Smallville and Buffy/Angel in Chicago, IL, November 10-11, all patrons holding Gold Weekend or Preferred Weekend passes and those with specific tickets to the concert get to rock Saturday night with Steve Carlson. Steve’s song Night Time was featured on an episode of Supernatural. You ticket holders get ready, Steve Carlson is coming to town.

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