WonderCon 2008: Sunday


More awesome costumes…


I took the time to walk up to Richard Hatch and have a conversation with him (thanks to my friend Louise who introduced me to him), and it was awesome. We both gushed about Firefly and Dexter, as well as how attractive the women on both shows are. We talked for about 30 minutes until someone else came up to talk to him, so I took my leave and wandered a bit. I walked over to the IDW Publishing booth and read a preview copy of the new Dr. Who and Martha Jones comic, which was splendidly awesome. I then walked over to Hall A for the panels…

Jericho Panel

Now I’d never seen Jericho, but I kept hearing how awesome it was, so I was looking forward to checking out a whole new episode of the show. Even though I hadn’t seen an episode before, I REALLY enjoyed the one they presented, and will now watch the show in its entirety as soon as I can. After the episode, a panel which included several of the actors and producers came out, and while I missed a lot of the in-jokes and such, there was something that was definitely palatable…gratitude.

The actors and producers repeatedly thanked the audience for their "nuts" campaign which brought the show back for its truncated (i.e. only 7 episode) season. They also ran a video which included the cast and crew thanking the fans for their return. It’s a shame the same couldn’t happen to Firefly. Freaking Fox…

Anyway, the next panel was our last panel of WonderCon…

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Panel

This is the panel most of us Browncoats had been waiting all weekend to see because of one person, Summer Freaking Glau. Of course she looked gorgeous when she walked out, she always does. Also on hand were co-stars Thomas Decker and Brian Austin Green, as well as producer Josh Friedman. The panel was good, but I wish Summer talked a bit more (even though she was asked the bulk of the questions). However, based on her discussion I was able to glean the following.


T: SCC panel with Summer in the center…as it should be…


She really cares about the show, and Friedman calls her "the ultimate employee." Her favorite fight scene is in the first episode wherein she crashes through the plate glass window. She was lost at first with the material but has really grown into it, and she’s trying to achieve a balance between a robot and a girl. She also says it’s easier to fight as Cameron than as River because there’s no marital arts involved, as she just "picks up and throws things," which she really seemed to enjoy.

When asked which kind of movie she would do if she were to play a normal person, she said she’d want to do a western…but not a space western because she’s "done that." This drew laughter from much of the crowd, me included. When asked about being on Fox and worrying about being cancelled, she said she prays every night. In a couple of ballet related tidbits, she said ballet really helps her with learning combat. The biggest tidbit was that, now that the writer’s strike is over and Joss Whedon is hard at work on Dollhouse again, the ballet they were planning together has been delayed, but it’s "close to a possibility" and she would like to fit it in somewhere.

Finally, they were going to show some clips from the season finale, but as I’m not caught up on the show, I decided to leave to avoid spoilers. The rest of the day consisted of getting the heck out of San Francisco and driving the long drive back to Los Angeles. I drove a little over two hours myself, and finally got home around 11 PM.


The long drive home…


Overall, I’m still tired and sore as I write this, but happy and content in my WonderCon experience. I feel that WC is a perfect primer for Comic-Con later this year, as WC is a slice of that mammoth convention. I hope you enjoyed my blog entries on WonderCon, and I thank you for reading.

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