For the 10:45 screening of Dr. Horrible, we got in line at 5:00 pm, and still didn’t actually get into Room 6B until almost 8:00 pm. And everywhere, even in the press rooms, there are similar disgruntlements among the usually jaded members of the press.

Not only was it a grumpy con, there was a slight but pervasive feeling of depression. All the standing in line and being treated like cattle tired people out earlier, made them grouchier for being shoved around and constantly told where to go, to stand up, sit down, stay in your seat, don’t run, stay behind the line, go on this side of the red rope, don’t cuss, don’t exit here, don’t enter there, get a ticket no a red ticket.

Usually, I’m sad when the con is over and I have to return to the real world. But this time, I’ll gladly welcome a return to some adult sanity and not being treated like livestock in tennis shoes.

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