Review: Supernatural 4.14 "Sex and Violence"


This week’s episode starts off with a married couple, the Benson’s, having a spat about being invited to a party and Mrs. Benson agreeing that they would attend. For some reason this sends an already agitated Mr. Benson into a fit of rage, savagely beating his wife to death with a meat tenderizer. Great way to start an episode, I find. I found this particularly gruesome…and awesome.
After the title card, we find Dean slowly awakening to the sound of Sam’s hushed tones. Sam is on the phone — most likely with Ruby — and it’s hard to hear what they’re saying, but Dean looks quite unhappy about it, as he should. As Sam hangs up, Dean pretends to still be asleep so Sam can “wake him up.” Once he does, Sam lies about being in the bathroom, but Dean lets it go.
We then find the boys acting the part of lawyers talking to Mr. Benson, who still seems grumpy, agitated and disturbed, but also fully knows what he did and is prepared to accept the consequences…which is unlike our usual demon possession. When presented with a credit card bill showing thousands of dollars in charges to a strip club, Mr. Benson admits he met a stripper, Jasmine, who was “perfect in every way” and told him that they could be together forever if he killed his wife. Oddly, Mr. Benson was ready to accept death as a punishment for what he did, either through capital punishment or through his own hand.
Next up, Sam visits a local coroner, Doctor Roberts. In speaking with Doctor Roberts, she tells Sam that all of the men had high levels of Oxytocin, a hormone found during child birth, lactation, sex and the “honeymoon” phase of a relationship. One can see, while watching, the obvious flirtation between Sam and Doctor Roberts, which is cute, until Dean walks in. Dean tries to be his usual smooth self, but is brushed off in favor of Sam — which I find hilarious. As they walk away from her office, Dean accuses Sam of “C-blocking” him, which again, was hilarious.
As they walk to the Impala, Dean seems happy. When Sam asks him about it, Dean expresses that they “finally” have a case about strippers. When they arrive at the club, the owner is of no help, but thankfully Sam — through Bobby — surmises that they’re dealing with a Siren. Apparently a Siren in the Supernatural universe can read minds and become whatever their victim wishes them to be, and can take on multiple identities. While the Winchesters mull over how difficult it will be to kill, let alone find, their prey, we cut to…
Lenny and Belle, a stripper at the club previously mentioned. After rendezvousing at the club, they leave for Lenny’s house, where we see Lenny checking to make sure his mom is sleeping, which Belle finds “sweet.” When they begin to make love, we catch a glimpse of “Belle” in the mirror and…wow that’s gross. I mean she looks ICKY. She reminds me of those little monsters in “The Kids Are Alright,” from season 3.
Anyway, once THAT’S done, “Belle” tells Lenny — as one would expect — that the only way they can be together in their “love” is for Lenny to kill his mom. “Bash your mother’s brains in,” Lenny is told, and since Lenny is under the Siren’s spell, he does so…with vigor, it would seem, if the awful sounds we hear of her death are any indication. I was pretty put off by the sounds off her death. Good job, Supernatural, and I mean that sincerely.
We come back to Dean staring at Sam’s phone, which for some reason he’s left behind. How he did this, I have no idea, but I digress. Dean picks up the phone and calls a recent number, which of course is Ruby. After Dean promptly hangs up, Sam returns just in time for Bobby to call with a theory on how to kill the siren. According to an ancient poem, it’ll take a “bronze dagger covered in the spell of the sailor under the song,” which gives Sam an idea.
Upon returning to Doctor Robert’s office, Sam and Dean run into an actual FBI agent, an Agent Monroe. Sam and Dean employ a clever trick upon which they give Agent Monroe the card of their director…who happens to be Bobby. I loved this little scene, as it was hilariously awesome. Agent Monroe seems genuinely likeable, so I’m not upset when Sam tells Dean to take the agent with him while Sam gets the blood of the recent murderers from Dr. Roberts. Dean informs Sam, “I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing it for the girls."
Upon arriving at the Impala, Agent Monroe is not only impressed, but implicitly knows the details of her design, make, engine, etc, impressing Dean. We go back momentarily to Sam and Dr. Roberts, who find that the blood they needed has oddly vanished. This made me immediately think that Dr. Roberts was the Siren, but of course I couldn’t be sure at that point.
Back at the strip club, Dean and Agent Monroe are having a grand old time discussing classic rock trivia. When they begin discussing the case, Agent Monroe shows Dean a flower lifted from the latest crime scene, a flower Dean recognizes.
Cutting back to Sam and Doctor Roberts, what began as looking at security tapes turned into drinking which turned into full on sexy sexy. This made me suspect her even more, especially when we saw flowers in her office, the same type Agent Monroe had found. I was particularly shocked at the quickness and fluidity of this scene. Who’d have thought Sam was becoming a man-whore?
Anyway, after the break we find Sam returning to his hotel room, finally picking up his cell phone after Dean had tried to call earlier.  Dean has done some digging and found dirt that makes Dr. Roberts a fairly credible suspect for the Siren, while Sam disagrees. Thinking that Sam has been put under the spell of the Siren, Dean says he’s going it alone and hangs up on Sam after wondering why Sam keeps sleeping with “monsters” (like Ruby and Madison). I found that to be a poetically tragic assessment.
Dean then calls upon Agent Monroe for help in staking out the strip club. After sharing a drink from Dean’s flask, we learn that not Dr. Roberts, but Agent Monroe has been the Siren all along and put Dean under the “spell” with his saliva. “Agent Monroe” tells Dean that he needs to kills Sam if they’re to be brothers and be together "forever".
Back at the hotel room, the two ambush Sam, Dean holding a knife to Sam’s throat. The Siren then spits his saliva onto Sam as well, and pits the boys against each other for his affection. Before the fists fly, the verbal accusations thunder out of each brother.
As a fan of Winchester brotherly angst, I totally approved of this. Dean accused Sam of lying and has a huge problem with it. Sam accused Dean of slowing him down and feeling sorry for himself, and also claims to be the better hunter. While Dean had said his spiel before, Sam’s bit was all new, and boy was it powerful. After their verbal tirade, the boys have at it, pummeling each other until Dean is about to kill Sam with an axe. Thankfully just then, Bobby steps in with a copper knife, stabs Dean to get some of his blood, and in a perfect throw, stabs the Siren in the back as he tries to run, killing him.
After the final break, we return to Sam, Dean and Bobby sitting outside their cars. While Bobby tries to reassure the boys that they shouldn’t feel bad for falling victim to the Siren
’s saliva, there’s still a palatable tension hanging over them. Once Bobby leaves, Sam admits he meant none of what he said during their argument, and Dean agrees. Sam asks if they’re “good,” and Dean says they are…but it’s fairly obvious that they aren’t.
I loved this episode quite a bit. Had some great acting, very nice misdirection, some lovely angst, big reveals and lots of emotion. We also had some lovely humor as well as some poignant insights into both characters. It’ll be interesting to see where we go from here, because as of right now I have no clue where this season is going to take us, and honestly, I love it that way.


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