I continue to keep my fingers crossed that Christian and his band will hit the road all across the U.S.A.; it has been at least two years since they have played in Los Angeles. Kane’s lead guitarist and Christian’s song-writing partner, Steve Carlson often performs at the Hotel Café (Hollywood), but we miss seeing the two of them together.

Los Angeles fans were treated to a free screening of the premiere episode of the new season of Leverage at Cinespace in Hollywood. The fans enjoyed appetizers, sodas and a Q&A with Leverage creators, Chris Downey and John Rogers along with Executive Producer/Director, Dean Devlin. The screening of the first episode of this new season was met with riotous applause and the fans sounded more than ready for the rest of the upcoming season. The creators admitted the new season will continue to keep up with the headlines of our day.

Be sure to watch the new season of Leverage, starting Wednesday July 15th at 9pm on TNT.

Season One of Leverage is available on DVD now!

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