I asked each actor how much his or her respective characters had changed.  Kaley Cuoco (Penny) was really happy with the evolution of her character this season and the way she has fit in with this motley gang of geeks. “Yah she really gets them.  She is able to let her guard down around them cause there’s no judgment with these guys.  So she lets her inner geek out every once in awhile with these guys.”

Simon Helberg, who plays the socially challenged playboy Wolowitz, said, “Well I think it’s the writing. I think the changes.. There are subtle changes just from getting to know each other and being comfortable.  Feeling like we know our characters, but they’ve also allowed us to mature through the writing.  You’ve seen the sensitive side to Wolowitz and a lot more humanity.”

The creator of the show, Chuck Lorre, said “this year we had a whole 23 episodes to really dig into their relationships and find out some of their flaws and weaknesses.  It was a good experience.  Hopefully it’s not over.  You shouldn’t stop learning I think… then you should get cancelled at that point.”  Co-creator Bill Prady also commented, “…What we discovered is the amazing depth that this cast has… like Penny’s video game addiction that we did.  Just to discover “oh wow” the incredible range that these characters have and that these actors have to play these characters.  So that’s been a big part of it. “

The shy but brilliant Koothrappali, played by Kunal Nayyar compared himself to his character on a geek scale.  “Say, 50%.  He’s an ultra geek, you know what I mean?  I love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and video games. So I’m like a geek but I’m also a huge sports fan at the same time. “

The actor who could win a prize for being most similar to his character, especially in his enthusiasm in Sheldon’s abilities is Jim Parsons.  When asked if he thought Sheldon would ever get his Nobel Prize, Parson’s response was, “YES!  Oh, Sheldon will continue to excel unless somebody shoots him because he’s so irritating.  There’s no doubt in my mind.  This is where I do collide with the character.  I’m quite certain of these things for him.  He’s just convinced me of it as the character.  Why would you doubt it for a second?  He is the smartest of the group.”  And what about those rumors we hear about Sheldon and Penny?  “I’m not starting them.  Have you?  Well, I think what’s wonderful about them, and always has been, I do think they are the North and South Pole of the character spectrum in this show.  And I do think that’s what leads into people thinking about romance with them in the whole opposites attract type of way.  I would be jaw-dropped if that came handed down.   I think it would be a blast to play.  I’m sure it would be handled in the most fun way.  I would be flabbergasted if Sheldon and Penny got together.  That could be a season… series ending note.  That may stop the show.”

To end on a Whedonopolis note I asked Simon (Moist) a bit about his Dr. Horrible experience and what he thought when he read the script.  “I was very flattered that they thought of me to be a repulsive damp man.  You know it’s the anti everything.  It’s basically the most mundane, futile superpower.  Its more inhibiting than it is helpful.  He probably can’t snap (his fingers).  He probably can’t get his socks on easily in the morning… He can make something soggy and he’s got a lot of strikes against him.   It was very fun to go into that world with very talented people.  I didn’t realize what a cult phenomenon it would become.  I should have known because I know Joss has such a huge following.  I mean… Whedonopolis.  Need I say more?”

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