I arrived at Room 6A more than an hour before the panel was to begin. The line to get in extended down the hall and I followed in search of the end of the line. Instead of the end, there was a sign stating that the line continued across the hall. I followed that line to the end, only to find another sign stating that the line continued outside. Once outside, I found a line that would discourage even the most seasoned Disneyland goer. Being game, I got in line and within minutes the size of the line doubled. Taking out my calculator, I discovered that at that rate, the line would consume all the space on the earth in 2 hours, 10 minutes and 45 seconds. Ignoring impending doom, I sat down and started to review the convention program. Just as I hit a comfortable position, one of the security people walked by to command every one to stand, as sitting was not allowed in order to squeeze more people into a smaller space. (I will give someone props at this point in that this year they had the foresight to have tents to provide some shade for the people waiting outside.)


It was now slightly more that 5 minutes before the panel was to begin and the line finally started to move. After moving up a couple of hundred feet, the line stopped and we waited. The start time for the panel passed and the line stood unmoving. What was going on everyone wondered? Finally, a person ran over to someone standing behind me and said that the room was full. I waited for official confirmation but no word came. I left the line to confirm for myself and indeed was told the room was filled. Just then I could see the lights go off in the ballroom and the door closed. Our “Robot Chicken” coverage laid an egg.


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