After Jeffster’s outstanding performance, the creators and cast sat down to start the panel and thanked the fans for the “Save Chuck” campaign. They were amazed by the amount of Subway sandwiches that were bought by fans on behalf of the show and joked that “Big Mike” would be seen eating more Subways. The creators also joked that because of budget cuts Adam Baldwin’s (John Casey) lines were cut to mostly grunts. Adam responded that those grunts were his inner dialogue as an ode to Joss Whedon. In answer to questions as to what to expect for the upcoming season the creators were vague and the cast were mostly in the dark. They describe Chuck as again an unwilling hero, who keeps up his role on the team as a spy and perhaps again at the “Buy More.” They hint that his new skills from the “intersect” have a “shelf life” and cannot be counted on in all situations. The “intersect” was meant for a trained spy like Brice not an incompetent like Chuck. This would mean that Chuck still needs his handlers, Casey and Sarah, involved in his life. Fans were also told that something dramatic would happen between Chuck and Sarah, but hinted it would be something very, very good.
In the press room we had a chance to converse with several of the Chuck cast and creators. The first to sit with us was Chris Fedak , the writer and producer of the show. He again mentioned that the “intersect” was not meant for Chuck who is not a trained spy and not in control of his emotions. He confirmed that the “Buy More” will still be a part of the show since the “Buy More” and the characters are the heart of the show. He admitted that with Chuck’s new abilities, he will not need to be saved as much but instead need guidance from Casey and Sarah.
Ryan McPartlin (Devon “Awesome”) was next to discuss his role. He admitted that at first he thought his role was just a little side note but as time went on he embraced the fun of it. In the first two seasons he just had to show up with his shirt off and say funny lines. In this next season he has to carry the burden that Chuck has in keeping the secret especially from his new bride Elli (Sarah Lancaster). Now that they “Let him in the club” he has to walk the fine line between the spy world and his home life. Ryan is hoping his character will be more involved in the spy part of things but Devon not being aware of the real dangers will need Chuck to save him. This new involvement can cause problems between the newlyweds as Devon tries to protect Elli and keep Chucks secret. Ryan admits that it is so much fun to play this role and to be in this cast. He had at one time trained as a personal trainer before getting his first role in the soap opera “Passions”. He was asked if he helps train the cast and answered that if they asked he would train with them. He has worked out a few times with Joshua Gomez. The training helps with the fact that Ryan must look awesome for all his shirtless scenes. We all thanked him has he had to move to the next interview.
Mark Christopher Lawrence aka “Big Mike”, was next to join us. He was asked about his role of being a jerk of a boss at the “Buy More”. He stated he played the same role before on Seinfeld, in which he got to fire Kramer. He enjoys the role because it is a polar opposite of himself. He is hoping to be able in this next season to take Emmett down somehow and get back into the yellow shirt. He admitted that he does not know anything for sure for the new season. Mark was asked about his favorite subway sandwich, saying it was tuna, mayo, mustard and pickles. Again the handlers came by to keep things moving and we thanked him.
Zachary Levi sat down with us and was asked about the intersect 2.0. He said it was less cerebral more physical. Chuck may find that his new skills may be unpredictable and unreliable. He will still need Casey and Sarah. He then went on about his passion for video games. He also discussed how amazing it was that the fans stepped up and showed their love in helping to get the show renewed. Zachary believes what he does for a living is a blessing and he respects and nurtures it. He also believes in showing respect to the fans and also nurturing them at events like Comic Con. He was asked what he would like for Chuck and Sarah, he thinks they should hold out to very end and then go at it.
Next at our table was Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay. Scott said he did not know what is up with “Jeffster” in the new season but hopes to rock it. They both admitted it was very scary to hit the Comic Con stage as “Jeffster”. Vik said that if he wrote the show there would be plenty of “Jeffster” performances, of course. They were asked their original reaction to the idea of “Jeffster”, they admitted to feeling utter terror. Scott had to learn how to make his performance on his “keytar” look authentic, he said there were musicians in the crew who gave him pointers. Vic says he thinks that Lester needs some love in this next season. They were asked about their “bromance” and both were glad to have each other. Their “bromance” is built on their characters being opposites. The two were asked if their characters should know Chuck’s secret, they admit to wanting to be in the story as much as possible but perhaps better to not know. The assume they will be unknowingly involved in the spy action.
Adam Baldwin now took his turn with us and was asked if John Casey would be threatened by Chuck’s new skills. Casey is always looking for a way to get out of this assignment so Adam sees this as an asset. He was asked about always playing the tough guy instead of the sensitive type, he responded that it is better to play the tough guy while he is still young. In a response to acting in a comedy, he sees Casey as a sniper comedian and prefers the smaller lines. He also says he loves dangerous comedy and said (after much joking) that he accepted the role because it just connected. His reply to being asked how much John Casey is like him, Casey is his inner grumbly cranky voice.
Sarah Lancaster (Elli) was the last at our table. She says she likes her character’s relationship with Chuck and enjoys the inner workings of this family. It is bad enough for Elli that her brother is lying to her but now her new husband is acting erratically because he is in on the secret. These secrets could cause problems in the new “awesome” marriage. Sarah admitted that she was not sure if Chuck would continue to live with the newlyweds, suggesting they need alone time. She thought perhaps he might live in the same building. Her relationship with Chuck keeps him grounded. Sarah does not think it is a good idea to let Elli in on the secret. Elli is a separate world and so it is like watching two shows. The uniqueness of the story is what attracted her to the show. She admits it is a hard show to describe; it is
something one has to watch. Sarah enjoys it when Elli gets unhinged at times. She also admitted it was incredibly emotional to walk out on stage at Comic Con see all fans.

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