Drusilla in flight

This is how Juliet Landau has brought back the character we know her best. In shades of blue, black and red, we find out what happened to Drusilla before and during the days Los Angeles was in Hell. Those at Comic-Con got a preview with a special issue that also includes some fantastic pictures of Landau in the final pages. It will be in general release in the first week in August, complete with a launch party at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles

Meanwhile, there is this picture….

Dru in the shades

She was at the IDW panel with Bryan Lynch, who’s writing the comic with her. He was surprised how quickly she adapted to writing for comics. She said when she was asked to do this project, she had a clear vision on what type of story she wanted, and what it would look like. She also said the story also presents an interesting juxtaposition. “I really want the feeling that the world, this institution,” she says, “is very oppressive and stark and cold, and that Drusilla is undead and is more alive and vibrant than anyone else who is indeed alive around her.” Just see how she interacts with the staff at the hospital, and she uses that to her advantage. The fans also got a chance to ask a few questions, such as her favorite episodes. She said they were “School Hard” (her debut), “Surprise” (when she becomes strong, and “Reunion” (when she reunited with Darla and turns her back into a vampire).

The IDW panel revealed more info about the Angel series. After the Drusilla arc, we’ll find Angel and Spike at an event not unlike Comic-Con. Seems they’ll be there to promote a movie version of their adventures in “After the Fall.” The movie is called “Last Angel in Hell”, and  the perfect theme song is “Los Angeles is Burning” by Bad Religion. What’s more, we’ll get a special issue that would show what kind of movie it would be. It wouldn’t be an accurate account of what happened. It would be the Hollywood version. After that, Angel will be leaving for a while, giving Spike a chance to make his mark…with his own comic book. Connor will also try to take over his dad’s agency. We’ll see a new character, Eddie Hope, who has a demonic secret.

Illyria will also be back in two series. One will be called “Only Human”, where she and Gunn attend the funeral of Fred’s uncle (and yes, Illyria poses as Fred, her old self). While he still has issues with her, she wants to know why humans are so obsessed with death. Then, she’ll be part of the Fallen Angel series. Here, Illyria meets up with Lee, hoping to reclaim the powers she once had before they were taken away at the end of the Angel episode “Time Bomb”. The first pages of the series shows why: Illyria in full-fledged demonic form, ruling over her domain. Who wouldn’t want to reclaim their glory? The key is going to Bete Noire, where Lee presides. The series will be four issues.

Peter David, who created Fallen Angel, said he asked Joss Whedon for permission to use Illyria, and he was on his way. He admits this is a way to get Whedon fans to try out the series, while long time fans will get a chance to know Illyria, which may get them to check out her adventures in the Angel TV series and comic books. It’s the ultimate in geek synergy. It just may work for Drusilla, too.


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