Comic-Con 2009: "Once More With Feeling" Screening

They sing a theory


People of all ages sang along to the episode, while some people decided to join Xander and Anya when they were “dancing crazy:”

She's dancing crazy

These two sang along with Buffy and Spike’s parts…

Not sure where this is from

During the Dollhouse panel, Joss said there’s an interesting connection between sci-fi and musicals. Both exist a step away from reality, and a bit bigger than life.  Can we expect to burst into song, and then into flames, or guys dressed in lab coats and goggles fighting with muscle-bound jerks over a woman’s love as in Dr. Horrible? These things can only happen in musicals, even those that are really our deepest nightmares. They also also exist in sci-fi, which can also be a fantasy.

It’s safe to say that this classic episode will be the traditional finish to Comic-Con and WonderCon for some time to come.


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