Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly says James will be playing a terrorist  in Caprica, the prequel to the successful Battlestar Galactica series. Ausiello says Barnabus Greeley, James’ character, is described as someone who is "driven by desires both moralistic and carnal." He is expected to be in three episodes, but there could be more.

Caprica is set about 58 years before the events of Galactica, and chronicles the creation of the Cylons, the life-forms that will eventually theaten the human race, and how it affects two powerful families, the Adamas and Graystones. Jane Espenson, who has written many scripts on Buffy and Galactica will be the showrunner on Caprica, and co-executive producer with Ronald D. Moore and David Eick. The series begins next January.

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