Once again we get a flashback “The Road so Far” bit, played to Foreigner this time, at least I think so. This show has the best flashback
bits, and wow, it includes Ellen and Jo! Yay!
We find Bobby sitting in a wheelchair in the hospital, while Sam and Dean wonder what they can do for him. Sam admits that Bobby might not bounce back this time, and that’s a horrid thought. They also show the sigil on the boy’s ribs, and that is FREAKING cool. Suddenly they get a call from Castiel…and there he is. He needs to call them to find them, as their new sigils hide them from every angel, including him. I liked how the show handled that.
Bobby then demands that Castiel heal him, and Cas says he can’t?! Cas is cut off from Heaven and much of Heaven’s power? Holy crap! Bobby is none too happy about it. Cas then explains that he things the boys’ idea to kill Lucifer is foolish, but he has a better idea. Cas says someone else can kill Lucifer, the one that put the boys on the plane and resurrected him…God…
God? Freaking God? That’s kinda huge…anyway, Dean is skeptical, of course. Castiel says the issue is strategic, not theologic, and that God can help them. That might be one of the strongest statements I’ve heard out of this show…maybe ever. Castiel then goes onto rant about how he’s given up everything for them. He then says he needs an amulet to find God…DEAN’S AMULET? Seriously? THAT’S what that thing is? All this time he’s had an amulet that burns hot in God’s presence? That’s freaking awesome. Dean then says he feels nekkid without it, which is awesome.
We then cut to the old hunter Rufus , who’s up to his ass in demons. He’s in River Pass, Colorado…and we see some demons approach him as we hear his last gunshots over the phone to Bobby. The boys then head up to River Pass to find the bridge cut off and no cell reception. Can anyone say trap? Next, Spirit in the Sky starts playing, which is kinda awesome. Wow, this town is a mess, cars turned upside down, yet no bodies. Weird….
This whole scene is surreal. The town seems empty…oh, now I see why this ep is going to be awesome. It was written by Sera Gamble and directed by Phil Sgriccia, which is a recipe for awesome right there. As the boys walk on, we see the song is playing on the stereo of an abandoned car. This place is creepy, too quiet, and very surreal, which means the crap will hit the fan soon. And wow is there a lot of blood around…somebody put up a fight…
OMG, it’s Ellen! Wow I missed her. And she sprays Holy Water into Dean’s face. Hilarious, same thing Bobby did way back when. Aawww, then she hugs Dean…but kind of ignores Sam…and THEN SLAPS DEAN about not calling them. Hahaahaaha, soooo freaking funny…and why isn’t she acknowledging Sam at all? No greeting for him or anything…weird…hope they explain that…
They come to what looks to be a safehouse underneath a church with several refugees of whatever happened above them. These folks know about demons and have seen people’s eyes turn black, which unsurprisingly freaks them out. It seems Rufus also called Ellen, as he was investigating omens in the town when most of it became possessed. Ellen and Jo are apparently hunting together, but she and Jo got separated. Apparently they made a run for it once and lost half their numbers. Demons are everywhere, apparently.
Dean decides to go to the sporting goods store they saw to get guns for the other refuges weapons. Dean asks Sam to stay behind, which Sam thinks is stupid. Sam thinks Dean doesn’t trust him, while Dean never said such a thing. We then see Sam getting salt in the local store when two redneck demons walk in. I dunno what’s creepier, the demon part or the redneck part. Crap, they saw Sam, but Sam sticks ‘em with Ruby’s knife….and no odd flashy effect…uh oh…Sam s eyeing the demon blood on the knife…that can’t be good…
Dean comes upon this scene and doesn’t look happy at all.
Why? Sam didn’t do anything…even though Sam was thinking about it. Dean
probably thinks Sam was going to drink the demon blood…great, that’ll open a
nice old wound…we don’t see that though, as we come back to the refugee’s
getting weapons training from Ellen and the boys, and wow did they get an
Luckily one of their numbers is a military vet, and barely
believes Dean when he mentions he served in Hell. Dean then finds Sam looking
pensive…Sam was upset that he killed teenagers, wishing he could save people
when he used to. They’re interrupted by Ellen, who wants to find her daughter.
Sam wants to go with her, but Dean is skeptical. Sam assures Dean that he’s
learned his lesson, but when Dean asks, “Have you?” Sam shoves him into a wall.
Ooohhhhh, I love the angsty goodness. Sam is appalled that Dean still wonders
about this issue, but Dean just gives him the stone face of certainty.
We find Ellen and Sam looking for Jo…so of course Ellen asks
about it, wondering if some girl came between them. After talking about Jo,
they see smoke coming from a chimney, so they, of course, investigate, seeing a
demon inside. Oh crap, it’s Jo and another demon! Jo has been possessed, yet
she says to give her her mom back? What? And wait, RUFUS has knocked out Sam,
saying “Gotcha, you bastard.” ???!!! Whaaaaaat? Do we have another Gordon here?
Thankfully Ellen runs off to safety…but what was that thing with Jo? So
confused at this point, but I LOVE it…
We come back to see…Sam tied up? What the hell is going on?
Frak, it’s Rufus and Jo! Seems Rufus is possessed too…yet why do they think Sam
is evil? Jo throws water on him and then pours Salt into Sam’s mouth while
Rufus performs an incantation. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that Rufus
and Jo don’t think they’re possessed, but think Sam and Ellen are…WTF? I don’t
think that’s ever happened, and I totally don’t get it, but it’s still awesome
nonetheless. They better explain this stuff as the episode goes on or I’m gonna
pout, and no one wants that…
Anyway, we find ourselves back in the church, while the
refugee’s are praying. Ellen barges in, looking all pissed, as she should be.
She just shakes her head when Ellen asks about Sam, which freaks out the
refugee’s. Dean is about to run off to find him when he stops himself and
realizes he needs a plan, which is a neat yet unusual move for him in a lot of
ways. While he has talked about planning in the past, where Sam is usually
concerned, something like this would have made him run off a while back…but not
this time…shows how things change, I guess, both internally for Dean and within
their relationship…
Cut back to Sam with Jo and Rufus, and even Sam is starting
to admit something isn’t right here. Well, duh, really…anyway. Jo looks
confused when another bash of holy water does nothing…and wait, who is that
guy? He&r
squo;s twisting a ring on his finger…this is really weird…wait…now Sam’s
eyes are black while Rufus’ and Jo’s are normal. WTF is going on with THAT? This guy with the ring
is altering their perceptions somehow, which obviously has something to do with
the symbols on the ceiling above Sam. This is soooooo weird….
Back to Ellen and Dean…Ellen wants to get the demon out of
Jo…but sees how weird this is by being called a “black eyed *censormode*”. Ellen and
Dean realize they only have each other at the moment, and begin to gather
information. Apparently the river became polluted the day before the demons, as
well as what appeared to be a shooting star. Dean then…grabs a BIBLE? He reads
a passage out of freaking Revelations that talks about a star and a river, and
how “many men died.” That’s great, just great. I do so love how they weave
mythology and theology into this show, but that’s still plum creepy. The
preacher along with them is shocked to find that this is the actual apocalypse.
Apparently these omens tell that the four horsemen are coming…holy crap…
Dean thinks the cherry red Mustang is War’s horse, and that
War is here messing with their heads and turning them all on each other. Dean
wonders if there actually ARE no demons and that this is all a ruse to make
them kill each other…awesome stuff…it makes sense, and it’s fantastic. Dark,
yes, but fantastic.
Cut back to Sam, and War (formerly known as the refugee Roger)
walks in on him…well I’m assuming it’s War. He just popped into watch earlier.
He says he was in Germany, then Germany…and so on…and he’s looking for his
siblings. War admits there are no demons in town, he just wants to see the
show. The people are frightened, and War says he hasn’t had to do too much,
calling them all vicious little animals. Apparently War doesn’t think people
need a reason to kill people. He seems himself as jello shots at a party
removing inhibitions…
War then calls Sam his “poster boy,” knowing that Sam hasn’t
been able to stop thinking about blood since he killed those kids. Now we know
why there wasn’t a flamey special effect when he killed those teenagers, they
just WERE teenagers…ack…that’s HORRIBLE. However, when Sam denies he’s been
having those thoughts, War tells him to save it for Dean. Apparently War can
see inside Sam’s head, and it’s just “blood, blood, blood” and lust for power.
Wow Sam looks pained right now. Awesome acting on Jared’s
part. War then says he’s just getting started…WTF…War twists his ring, and
blood comes out of his head…”showtime for the meatsuits” he says. Then he
starts acting like he’s been hurt. Ack! Rufus and Jo still see Sam with black
eyes, and starts whooping Sam, which one would naturally expect him to do,
honestly given the circumstances…
Cut back to the church, and we see our unnamed  veteran expressing skepticism at the whole
notion that there actually are no demons. OMG, War comes in, who they all still
think is Roger, talking about demons, just after Dean tried to explain there
WERE no demons. Fantastic. Crap, he makes it appear that Ellen and Dean are
demons, and military boy shoots at them! Holy crap!
We come back to War talking to military guy about guns and
knives with military dude, and War looks kinda happy with himself. What a dick.
We then go to Jo and Rufus to find…Rufus setting up pipe bombs???!!! Jo, of
course, has a problem with this plan since she believes a demon is in her
mother. Rufus assures Jo that everything will be okay…unless she comes through
the window with the pipe bombs on it…we then see everyone gearing up for war,
including military guy. Back at the house, the pipe bombs went off…wait…Dean
then takes Rufus outside while Ellen and Jo have it out.
Dean then tries to explain to Rufus about all the
omens…Rufus of course doesn’t believe him…Dean then explains that it’s
War…the horsemen war…and that Rufus is hallucinating…wait…when Dean tells him
that Rufus sees him with normal eyes. Thankfully now all four hunters are all
the same page…but crap, now they’re being shot at by military dude…
Dean finds Sam and they both discover that War’s ring is
causing the hallucinations. Sadly a gun battle ensues and everyone shoots at
everyone…thankfully Rufus begins to stop folks from shooting…Oh God the priest
has been hit! OMG, military guy is about to kill Ellen! Wait, we then find Sam
and Dean confront War….and then cut off his finger with the ring! That makes
military dude stop trying to kill Ellen…and thankfully people are seeing normal
Dean then picks up War’s ring to find both War and the
Mustang gone, with Dean looking all confused. Hell, he’s not the only one. When
we come back, we find them looking at the ring and thinking of a “pit stop on
mount doom.” Love the Lord of the Rings reference! Sam then admits to Dean that
Sam doesn’t trust himself either, even with his good intentions…because he
misses the feeling, and he knows how messed up that sounds.
However, the
problem isn’t the demon blood, the problem is Sam himself and how far he’ll go.
Sam caught a glimpse of something inside himself that scares him to death, and
realizes he’s in no shape to be hunting because he’s dangerous, and that maybe
they should go their separate ways.
Dean….thinks he’s right?! He spends more time worrying about
Sam than getting the job done right…wow…that’s harsh…Dean asks Sam if he wants
to take the Impala? What?? Nice gesture, but what??? Dean then just watches Sam
get his stuff and walk off, telling him to take care…and he goes off with some
guy in a truck! Crap, remember the last time Sam met someone randomly on the
road? That was Meg. Ugh. Anyway, Dean looks pissed, but justified…
Holy crap that was a hard episode to watch. It covered
mythology, theology, morality and much more. It was very light on the humor
this time, which is fine, because hell, the apocalypse isn’t funny. I
absolutely loved this episode, and it looks like we’ll get another glimpse of
Lucifer too. Can’t freaking wait.
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