Instead of a long and detailed explanation about how the Emmy voting process works, and how it leads to ABC looking foolish for dumping Pushing Daisies too soon (four Emmys, guys), viewers see Dr. Horrible interrupting the show to declare the death of television, and the arrival of internet TV, where the screen is smaller and it’s not so high definition..but it’s better!

Then, Captain Hammer comes in to clobber the doc…again…and argues why regular TV is here to stay…along with Zima (?).

Yet, the Doc points out that his Sing-A-Long Blog won an Emmy, but to Hammer’s surprise…since the skit, er, transmission, was taped before the Creative Arts Emmys took place. They still burst in song…with Moist (Simon Helberg) and no-longer-dead Penny (Felicia Day) in the background!

However, one plug that should have been plugged ended the transmission.

Will this lead to sales of the Dr. Horrible saga on iTunes and on DVDs?

Sure, why not?

Again, this is really a hint of what may be coming in the future. We may not yet see The Guild compete against 30 Rock and Weeds for Best Comedy, but a battle for Best Web Comedy that includes Legends of Neil, The Guild, Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy and Jon Heder’s Woke Up Dead may not be too far off.

In a way, the doc is right. Internet TV is the wave of the future, and a welcome alternative that can be entertaining in its own way.

But Zima…not so much.


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