Left side:

  1. The attic is bad
  2. I was trained to kill
  3. My son killed me
  4. I’m a believer
  5. I have a right to survive
  6. My husband bought me a house
  7. Blue skies
  8. I love my baby
  9. The baby isn’t mine
  10. I love you
  11. Women are whores
  12. I tried to make shape? sharp??????
Right side:
  1. Where is Caroline?
  2. I am nobody
  3. Friends help each other
  4. I was blind
  5. Shoulder to the wheel
  6. Ghosts aren’t real???
  7. Mountains are safe
  8. Topher makes me different??
  9. Dominic was bad
  10. Wanna be?? November??
  11. Victor loves Sierra
  12. Sierra—
  13. The??
  14. Dr…???
Have we got it right? Have we got it wrong? Where can you fill in? 


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