I’ll give some details. The “Then” preview is a good mix of light and dark, including angels and the Trickster, which has a lot of potential. The episode starts with a sitcom-like environment, including the beginning tagline “Supernatural was taped in front of a live studio audience,” as well as a laugh track. The theme song, reminiscent of Laverne and Shirley or Bosom Buddies, is also fantastic. Too damned funny.

First off, let’s see the show’s they send up. Grey’s Anatomy (I think, I’ve never seen it), or as they call it, “Dr. Sexy MD;” Japenese television, with Japanese game show, they entitled, “Nut Cracker;” Drug commercials, this time about genital herpes; Sitcoms (seems like it’s in the Three’s Company vein); CSI Miami, including deep voices and sunglasses and more. I don’t wanna say ALL of ‘em, but it’s worth watching.

I’m not gonna give too much detail about this episode, honestly, because it premieres in two days and I’d rather y’all enjoy it on your own. I can say that it’s one of those great episodes, like “Mystery Spot” or “Monster at the End of This Book” that start off funny and light and then go over the dark really seamlessly. The reveal in this episode is also damned huge.

Overall, this is probably one of the better episodes this season, so far. It’s got great humor, some fantastic dialogue, and a really powerful reveal that had me both surprised and breathless. Great stuff, so be sure to tune in this Thursday, November 5th, at 9 PM. The CW has also provided a clip of the episode for the spoiler-minded of you, and it’s below.




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