Again the fans lined up with their questions ready. The first fan said that Jewel had made it clear many times that she did not like the gown from “The Shindig”, the fan wanted to know if there was any others she disliked. Jewel said she liked the dress the first day but after that it was very troublesome.


It was now asked about the “basketball” game in the series when “Kaylee” had to jump onto “Jayne’s” shoulders. Jewel said that she doesn’t remember that move, so it may have been a stunt person, but she was not sure.


Jewel is now asked about her recent move into a new house which she calls an “Ann Rice House” because of the style. She explained how none of their furniture would fit up the stair case so they had to get new furniture that her husband was at home putting together. She was happy to be at the convention and away from the work.


Jewel was asked if she feels that she missed out on anything in her childhood because her career started so early. She started when she was five and is glad she did it because she enjoyed it so much. It didn’t feel like work until she was in her teens.


The next fan asked at what point she found out that two major characters were to die in the movie “Serenity”. Jewel found out as she read the script and was wondering where “Sheppard Book” was at the beginning. She checked through the whole script to make sure she had lines all the way until the end. Another fan asked about the shenanigans, she repeated pretty much the same stories, including the one about the potato in the exhaust pipe. Now a question asking how much of her “Kaylee” is, Jewel thinks her tone and sarcasm comes out in “Kaylee”.

In answering another question, she told a story about working green screen during the filming of “Serenity”, explaining how Joss was telling them how the scene would be when they were flying through the “Reavers”, where to look and how to be scared. Jewel said that Adam was standing behind her making a spooky breathing noise that was very distracting, he sounded like a grizzly bear. She was asked if she took anything from the set, she said she took the hammock and the “Kaylee” sign from the bedroom door.


Jewel continued with more stories about the cast and the set of Firefly. She told how Nathan taped a picture of Joss’ face to the front of the thong he wore in “Trash”. Jewel went on about how big a fan Nathan is, like the fact that he dressed as a space cowboy in the Halloween episode of “Castle” and how he has “Firefly” on mute as background for parties at his home. She said her favorite episodes were “Out Of Gas” and “Objects In Space”.


Jewel’s Q&A was winding down with a full day of activities ahead, she thanked the crowd to a great applause.


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