The trailer is on the site, too.  Strangely, since Acker has 3rd billing on IMDb AND first female billing, she’s hardly seen in the trailer.  This writers understand the need for casting young for a series lead (though this writer doesn’t like it), but wonders why the series star isn’t billed first.  Is this due to Acker’s incredibly popularity?  Not likely.  Though incredibly popular with us, her name doesn’t turn too many heads in mainstream television.  Sam Neill, with his heavy evil name, doesn’t appear higher than #8. 


Perhaps Acker has an incredible agent that demanded her name be so high?  If so, good for Acker!  This writer would prefer to believe that Acker’s part in the series will unfold to such amazing proportions that her performance validates how important she is to the series.  We’ll see.


And we’ll see it a whole week sooner if we vote for the series to be shown online!

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