The list is interesting: Michael Rosenbaum (formerly Lex Luthor from Smallville, Sam Anderson from Lost and Angel, Harry Groener (the Mayor from Buffy), Kat Von D, Amy Acker from Angel, Dollhouse and now Happy Town, director Andrea Romano who has played a major part on Warner Brothers animation, and musician David J from Bauhaus.

Their responses are even better. Rosenbaum said he got into acting because he was influenced by Saturday Night Live in the 1980’s. Acker and David J has two very interesting ways to promote Take Flight. Think 30-second ad and ringtones. Groener says if someone game him a cellphone camera, he’d be filming a German oom-pah band. Anderson reveals that working on Angel was fun because it’s only place where he could hear "flaming vampires on the set, please". Romano also explains why seeing an anchor build a character can be a great thing to see.

It’s fascinating how Landau gets very interesting comments from these artists. Hopefully, we’ll get more very soon.

You can see the interviews at  or her YouTube page at From the latest numbers, the Kat Von D and Amy Acker interviews have been the most watched interviews.

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