The pilot was shown during the second day of the event. The show is an ideal small town called Haplin, Minnesota where life is great, and the air is dominated by the smell of bread baking at the "Our Daily" bread factory.

Of course, like some small towns on TV, it has many secrets. It’s also been the scene of a series of disappearances done by someone called "The Magic Man".

The show centers on the Conroys, Deputy Tommy, wife Rachel (played by Acker) and their kids. When someone is killed with a spike through his head, that starts the ball rolling. The investigation starts to affect the sheriff, who is Tommy’s dad, and soon Tommy has to take charge.

The pilot was shown, followed by questions from the crowd. The producers said Acker’s character would play a role in the overall mystery. She said the story plays with the relationship between the family and the other characters, as they wonder who they should really trust.

A lot of people were also interested in Sam Neill as Merritt Grieves, who owns a movie memorabilia shop called "The House of Ushers". He seems to be a favorite of the widows who live with him at a local boarding house. Naturally, he also has secrets, one of them which made him an enemy of the sheriff. There’s also a new girl named Chloe, who has an unusual tattoo that’s the design of a halo with a question mark–something that’s seen in some parts of Haplin.

The show will start with eight episodes. The producers promise the identity of "The Magic Man" would be revealed, and that it would lead to more interesting secrets.

Happy Town starts April 28th on ABC


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