Miracle Laurie Meets Dollhouse Fans At Anaheim Wizard World

She was in nearly all of the episodes of the two-season run of Dollhouse as Mellie/November/Madeline Costly. She went from friendly next-door neighbor to Paul Ballard to a Sleeper Active for the Dollhouse, and even an independent person before she was turned back into an Active by a rival Dollhouse. Nearly three months after the last episode aired, she has good memories of the experience.

“Wonderful expeience, wouldn’t trade it for the world,” she says. “So glad we’re all still friends, and wish it could have gone longer. I think we had a lot of opportunities to extend stories, and explore the characters. It was a great time.”

Many were sad to see Mellie suffer a tragic fate towards the end, but Laurie wasn’t surprised. “I totally called it, to be honest with you, months before, even before we were cancelled,” she said.  “It seemed like the natural progression. And then, once we were officially cancelled, I thought everyone wants a good death scene, so why not?” She also said it was a good end to her run on the show.

Laurie’s character didn’t have as many roles to play as her fellow female Actives, Echo and Sierra. She had thought she would in the beginning, aside form being in a relationship with Paul Ballard. However, says said, “I really actually enjoyed becomng that character that a lot of the fans could identify with and exploring that relationship; and even in that once character, the range I got to explore was unbelievable.”

Looking back, Laurie thinks she learned a lot about acting and the business when she was part of the Dollhouse. “I just think you have to be brave,” she said, “and do your homework and have a good time because it’s precious, every experience.”

Recently, a blog called nicegirlstv.com suggested that Laurie should be the next Wonder Woman if a movie is ever made. She admits she was flattered by that. “I’ve always been told I kind of resemble Lynda Carter,” she says, “so it’s always been an inside joke for my friends and I. I think it could be a great challenge and really really fun, and who wouldn’t want to be a super-hero?”

In the meantime, Laurie is still busy with ther ukelele band, Uke Box Heroes. Their music is available on iTunes, and they also have MySpace and Facebook pages.

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