Jones has played many roles in TV and the movies, from the Fawn in Pan’s Labyrinth to Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies. It was his first time in Wizard World Anaheim although he’s been in other Wizard World events. He says people are more surprised about some of the roles he has done elsewhere. “They might know me as Abe Sapien from the Hellboy movies”, he said.. “But they get to the table and say ‘what, you were the Silver Surfer, too?’ “what, you were in Hocus-Pocus?'”.

He says he’s grateful for a long career where he has been many people and many creatures. ” I do appreciate he artistry that goes into it,’ he says, “and the opportunity  to take on such fantastical characters from other worlds.”

Jones recently played another scary character known as the Ice Cream Man in Legion. That movie will be released on DVD May 11th. He will also be part of Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time, which airs on Comedy Central this fall. He’ll play a different kind of robot.

Camden Toy was just across the row. He had with him a very rare Gentlemen action figure from “Hush”. He also spent the weekend talking to fans. He was also glad Wizard World had an event at Anaheim to allow Hollywood celebrities to attend and meet with fans.

He said he’s making three movies, including one called Harvest, where he plays a “serial organ harvester”. He’ll also be part of “Coolwaters Live”, a web streaming internet show featuring celebrities. Toy will be the featured guest on April 21st. More information is available at

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