8th Annual Slay-A-Thon: Make-A-Wish Foundation Benefit: June 19th

In 7 years…
$88,000 raised…
16 wishes granted…

You are not required to attend the entire event. Stay for the day or stop by for your favorite episodes.  If you’re out of the area, sponsor an attendee or make a bid on the auction items.  There is no entrance fee… Slay-A-Thon is FREE!

Now, you may ask "How can watching Whedonverse raise money? If that were the case I’d already be rich. Hooray!" 
>The people who attend the marathon get family, co-workers, friends, and others to "sponsor" them – just like with a walk-a-thon.
Add the auction proceeds to the sponsor dollars and we make substantial donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  The list of goodies will be posted closer to the Slay-A-Thon and the list will be updated as items are received.


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