At 10 AM, the Chuck panel, with Zachary Levi and Adam Baldwin will be held at Ballroom 20. It’s back for a fourth season, with a new mission and new adventures.

The Hilton Bayfront, next to Hall H, will be used quite a lot this year. For example, the cast of The Guild, featuring Felicia Day,  will be there to talk about season four, and what may be in store for the Knights of Good. That starts at 2 PM

Thirty minutes later, the panel from V starts at Ballroom 20. Morena Baccain will reveal what may be next, as the Visitors reveal their plans for Earth, while the Fifth Column prepares to fight back.

At 3:15 Julie Benz will be part of the panel for No Ordinary Family at Room 6A. Some have called his program a live-action version of The Incredibles, but it’s really about a family trying to figue out how they suddenly became super-powered, and what happens next.

At room 6BCF, SyFy will have a special double-header with the casts of Eureka and Warehouse 13. That starts at 3:30.

The big panel, however, will be in Hall H at 6 PM. Marvel Studios will reveal details of its upcoming movies, Thor and The First Avenger: Captain America. Some fans are hopeful it will also include confirmation that Joss Whedon will direct the Avengers movie.

The entire schedule can be found here.

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