SDCC 2010: The Guild Unveils New Episode and a Bollywood Video

More than 1600 people packed the Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton Bayfront to see the gang, and the latest episode. Then they got a surprise…a Bollywood video called “Game On”, which may top last year’s “Date My Avatar”. Sandeep Parikh came up with the idea. He and Felicia wrote the lyrics while Jason Miller wrote the music. The video will be on the web this week, and the song will be on iTunes.  Jeff Lewis, who plays Vork, says he learned two lines of Hindi for the video.

When the public got a chance to ask questions, Felicia asked how new media has changed the Internet, she says her show is all about community. “Every single person who ever clicked, shared it with a friend, bought a DVD, even just came up to say Hi to us,” she said, “That’s the reason why we do this. It’s the reason why I keep doing it, and Kim and I just, every single day, we’re working on the show because we have a fabulous community who want to make art as well.”

Season four is featuring Codex’s hopes of romance with Fawkes, leader of the Axis of Anarchy, even though he’s really treating her badly. Wil Wheaton, who plays Fawkes, is aware he’s playing someone who’s really awful, but looks at it differently. “As an actor, to create, like, justifications, the villain is the hero in his own story,” he says. “To create justification, to be that guy, and sort of treat you hat way, it is an acting challenge to work with somebody I genuinely adore, and just be such a schmuck.”

He also commented on how popular his character on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Wesley Crusher, really was.

The show has provided a start to budding acting careers, including Amy Okuda, who plays Tink. She says she’s very happy to work with such experienced people. “Every season I get more and more comfortable,” she says, “and I think we’re all getting closer and closer.” Robin Thorsen, who plays Clara, says she is surprised that people are now coming up to her for her autograph.

There were some interesting moments, like a fake Colonel Saunders offering Vincent Caso (Bladezz) a fake fast food job. Wheaton would only say, “Welcome to Comic-Con, where alll your dreams come true.”

The fans also learned that some past characters of the Guild may show up again. Hopefully, that includes Riley. Felicia also revealed that she and Wheaton will be appearing soon on Eureka.

Finally, she revealed that Joss Whedon is her hero. “He is the one person in Hollywood who I feel his voice always come through,” she says.

New episodes of The Guild appear every Tuesday at Bing Video.

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