Anthony Head is known to Whedonites everywhere as Rupert Giles, Buffy’s long-suffering Watcher and replacement father-figure. Nowadays, he can be found terrorizing the kingdom of Camelot as King Uther Pendragon, a man who has let his hatred of magic blind him.


Before Colin Morgan became Merlin, he could be found popping up in guest spots on The Catherine Tate Show and Doctor Who. He also made an impressive splash on stage, in his turn as the lead in the Young Vic’s adaptation of DBC Pierre’s Vernon God Little, which garnered the young actor rave reviews.


Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy are creative partners who have worked together before on numerous projects for Shine Productions. They have stated that their young, fresh take on the age-old legend was influenced heavily by Smallville, as they wanted to explore “a Camelot that existed before its golden age”.

(Please note that we have combined their interviews into one video, with Johnny’s first and Julian’s following.)

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