At Comic-Con, however, the King (Head) and Merlin (Colin Morgan) are getting along fine as they talk about what it’s like behind he scenes, and what could be in store in the third season.

On Merlin, Head plays King Uther, father to Prince Arthur. Merlin helps out Arthur, but is careful to hide his budding skills as a wizard. He says he appreciates the fans who have made the show popular around the world. "You never know if it’s going to be received well," he says, "and certainly, you know, the idea of it being internationally acclaimed, the fact that it’s gone out to 180 countries, well, that is pretty cool."

Head admitted that he hasn’t given Morgan too much advice, but they have talked about how different filming in England is compared to filming in Hollywood. He said the biggest differences were the length of the working day, and the snacks the actors get on the set.

Morgan says that Merlin has started as a bit of a clumsy person, learning magic. However, his character is developing his eventual role as a friend and advisor to Arthur.

As for Uther, Head says the king’s past decisions will have repercussions in the next series, and he may not be sure as he used to be. "The turkeys are coming home to roost," he says, and they’re fully basted." Still, Head says he really enjoys playing the king because "I get to strut about with the cloak on and wave a sword."

The panel included a blooper reel, which featured Head laughing a lot, and a trailer for the upcoming season which starts later this year, and on Syfy in 2011. It featured Arthur with donkey’s ears, Uther in battle, Morgana ready to betray him, and this ominous line: "The battle for Camelot has begun."

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