Jensen Ackles talks about his first directing gig and what it was like to direct himself.  He also talks about getting back to basics in the upcoming season.

Jensen Ackles



We got to start off this interview with Jared Padalecki with the question on our minds since the season 5 cliffhanger, "What is Sam?".

Jared Padalecki


Jim Beaver talks about what may be in store for his character, Bobby, in the new season and what it was like to be directed by co-star Jensen Ackles.  Oh, and we can’t help but dig the hat.

Jim Beaver


Misha Collins (God bless him) talks about — well, what he’s not going to tell us about the new season — and shares some wishful thinking on a Castiel fashion makeover.

Misha Collins


Finally, to help maintain that Season-6-Supernatural frame of mind between episodes, you can watch past episodes, promos and behind-the-scenes interviews at  The CW  website.  Oh, and we’ll give you clips and behind-the-scenes info whenever it comes our way, too.


The season premiere of SUPERNATURAL airs tonight, September 24th, at 8/7c on The CW.


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