Rght off the bat, a couple of fans asked if there was still some chance Firefly could return, or even a sequel to Serenity. She explained it’s a rights issue, but did reveal something about what a Serenity sequel would have been like. “When we did the first movie, he talked abut doing a second movie,” she said, “but he also made a comment about how he wanted us to be older. ” If there was a chance, she says everyone would be back.

This week will mark the fifth anniversary of the premiere of Serenity, Staite said the film, and Firefly, has changed her life. She said she will be going to London for the Hallowhedon convention, and plans to dress up as Jayne. She’ll also be going to Belgium for another convention.

She admits that she’s different than her character, Kaylee Frye. “There are elements of my personality in probably everybody I play,” she said, “but I don’t know what traits we really share.” She says she’s not as mechanically inclined as Kaylee is.

What attracted her to the role, though, was Joss Whedon’s reputation. “I was really excited to work with him. It didn’t really matter which role he wanted me for,” she said. “Obviously, I just wanted to be part of it, but I originally wanted to audition for River. I just really liked that role. It was super-meaty, and actors love that kind of stuff.”

Of course, she was cast as the cheerful and capable mechanic. She said she really loved working on Firefly, and her cast. She admitted the only bad day was the day they found out the show was canceled. “Everything was just so right about that show that it was scary,” she said. “I thought ‘oh, no, this is too good to be true’, and it was.”

Many people still remember her layer cake dress from the “Shindig” episode. One fan went to the convention wearing that dress. Staite, though, admits wearing it was tougher than she thought. “I was so excited being in the dress at the beginning, because I was always in the coveralls,” she said. “And then, by the end of that day, I was like ‘OK, I’m sick of the dress.'” She admits that in the scene where Badger’s men holds the Serenity crew hostage, she was supposed to still be wearing the dress, but convinced Joss to let her go back to her coveralls.

While she was at DragonCon in Atlanta, she got a chance to see the premiere of the Browncoats Redemption fan film. She said she was impressed. “That was not easy to do, especially with no money or anything,” she said. “It’s really incredible that they went to all that effort.” She also said she bought a copy of the DVD. It’s available online, and will be shown at the Creation Entertainment convention in Los Angeles in November.

Staite is also popular with fans of Stargate Atlantis, where she played Dr. Jennifer Keller. Before that, she played a Wraith girl in the episode, “Instinct.” While she said the producers were surprised to see her audition, she was also surprised how much makeup she had to wear. “I had contact lenses, so I couldn’t really see,” she said, “and I never wore contacts before in my life. That was a challenge.” She had a fight scene with Joe Flanigan, which was also tough. She impressed the producers enough to be brought back as Dr. Keller a year later. She also said she would like to be on Stargate Universe, since Robert Picard and David Hewlett will soon appear on the show. She also sympathizes with the cast about how some Stargate fans haven’t warmed  to the latest version.

She also talked about her other TV roles from Wonderfalls to her most recent one in Warehouse 13.  She also admits to being a big TV watcher, and a huge fan of Lost. Not only did she comment about how it ended, she also said she was at the recent Lost auction in Santa Monica. She also seemed to be surprised Dark Horse had released a new Serenity comic book that featured Wash. However, she also said she knows the backstory of Shepherd Book that will soon be told in a new Dark Horse book in November, and Inara’s deep dark secret that, if revealed someday, would bring new light to that character.

She also talked about how she is still close with the cast,  and how she hopes that she can appear on Castle or Chuck. She said she almost got to appear on Castle but she was filming a movie at the time. She did admit that if does get a role on that show, she hopes she doesn’t have a romantic scene with Nathan Fillion.

As for the future, Staite will be on a Hallmark Channel holiday movie called Call Me Mrs. Miracle around Thanksgiving weekend. She’ll also be in a new Syfy movie called Doomsday, and in The Pact, which has been submitted to Sundance. She also hopes that she can be in a comic book movie, too…maybe as a superhero.

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