I know a lot of people who were upset about how Fox Home Entertainment’s web site crashed when so many people tried to pre-order the Dollhouse DVD to get it in time for Comic-Con 2009. I was lucky that my order came through, and I got to see the “Epitaph One” episode and the unaired pilot before most people.
So, when they offered pre-orders for the season 2 DVD, I thought it would come through, when I placed my order at the Fox booth.
I got an e-mail from orderwave.com confirming my order. I waited patiently, as October 12 got closer.
When it got to the 12th, I was hoping I’d get another e-mail telling me the DVD was shipped. It didn’t happen.
I waited until the weekend, but no response.
I subitted my order number to customer relations at foxconnect.com. This is what I got in response…


We have tried running your c/c and both transactions have been declined. Please contact us to provide us the correct c/c or another c/c to process the order.

Thank you,

Fox Consumer

Fortunately, I was not charged on my credit card. It’s still a disappointment. I expressed my feelings about this twice on Twitter. I even sent another e-mail to foxconnect.com, saying that was the only order number
On October 20th, I got a phone call from the Fox Connect website, waiting to ask questions about my order. I got the message after 5 PM, but I hoped it would finally be straightened out.
I called them on the morning of the 21st. I gave them the order number.
Then, I got the response….the order had been cancelled. No reason was given. I even explained how I placed the order. It didn’t change anything. The order was cancelled. Period.
And…90 minutes later, I got this e-mail:

Please contact us at (888)223-4369 were open from 8am-5pm PST,  to verify cc information since your cc declined the charge.

Thank You

Fox Connect Customer Service

This is after they called me about the order, and I called them back.
I was looking forward to seeing the DVD, and reading the bonus comic book. Fox Connect should have apologized for the lost orders. There must be many people who pre-ordered the Dollhouse DVD, and were smart enough to keep the e-mail confirming the order. I wonder if they will discover their orders were cancelled. Those people should get another chance to get the special edition, and at the lower price that’s available now at foxconnect.com.
So, this suggestion to Fox Home Entertainment: if you plan to accept pre-orders at Comic-Con next year, please provide an e-mail address in case there’s any problems with the order. And, if anyone sends an e-mail as proof of purchase, please honor it. Thank you
Until then, I’m going back to Amazon.com.
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