It was the first time the DVD was screened at a West Coast convention, according to producer Michael Dougherty. The story involves the crew of the Redemption, who look for transport jobs just like Mal Reynolyds and his crew of the Serenity. Their latest job, however, involves a new crew member, and a secret that could threaten the crew. A review of the film can be found here. The crowd enjoyed the movie, especially the cameos from some familiar faces. Doughtery said the DVD has been bought by fans worldwide.

Proceeds from the DVD go to five charities: Equality Now, Kids Need to Read, The Dyxlexia Foundation, the Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center and the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation. Dougherty says the first check for ten thousand dollars was split between the five groups.That came from pre-orders through September. So far, 1,500 DVDs have been sold.

Doughtery plans to do a sequel, and hopes 15,000 DVDs can be sold to make that happen. His group’s goal is to sell 32,000 DVDs by next September.

You can get a copy at, along with t-shirts and posters of the cast.

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