Creation Salutes Firefly, Buffy/Angel & Dollhouse: Ron Glass’ Tales of Firefly and TV


He talked a lot about his career and even laughed a lot, saying that it’s part of his philosophy about being positive. He talked a lot about his role on Firefly, how he enjoyed it from the start, and some of his favorite things abut being Shepherd Book.

He also compared that experience to being on the police sitcom, Barney Miller, in the 1970s. Back then, Glass said the creator, Danny Arnold, was the man in charge of what the show should be. Now, he says, TV is created by a bunch of committees, which he thinks affects creativity.

He also said he’s read The Shepherd’s Tale three times, and that’s to figure out every detail of Book’s story. He suggests that anyone who gets the book should read it forwards and backwards. He also said a man like Shepherd Book could have been anywhere, but just happened to be in space. The book, he says, made him fall in love with the character of Book all over again.

He also admitted that he’d like to reunite with Nathan Fillion on an episode of Castle, or appear on Warehouse 13. He has appeared recently on an episode of CSI: NY.

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