He was asked how it felt to have Summer Glau as his sister. He said that, like Simon did with River, he wanted to help nurture her because Firefly was her first TV show, while Maher had been in several TV shows before.

He also talked about his role in Warehouse 13, which was also a reunion with Jewel Staite. He said he liked working with Eddie McClintock, and compared him to Nathan Fillion. As for working with Jewel, Maher said it was as if no time had passed.

When he was asked what jokes Nathan Fillion played on him on Firefly, Maher said he couldn’t remember.

So, he called Nathan…

Nathan was surprised, to say the least. However, the connection was lost. Later, Nathan did call back, and said he never pulled a prank on Sean.

The subject came up just after he was asked if he thought Simon was going to die at the end of Serenity because he was shot. He said he knew Simon would survive, but admitted it would be an honor for Joss to “kill him off” in any movie,

He also recalled a very strange audition, where he played a husband who was forced to quarantine himself in his house while his wife was still outside. The plot sounded like Right At Your Door, which was about dirty bombs exploding in Los Angeles. In the audition, Sean had a scene where he had an very emotional argument with the wife. However, he was asked to whisper his lines instead of shout them out…because they weren’t supposed to audition there.

The session ended with a fan calling Sean “Simon”, and saying how he should have had a bigger role in the movie. Sean, and his fans, agreed with that.

Maher will be back on TV early next year on ABC Family’s Make It Or Break It. He’ll play a representative from USA Gymnastics who will be involved in the drama among the gymnasts at  The Rock.

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