Creation Salutes Firefly, Buffy/Angel & Dollhouse: Two Fine Gentlemen

They spent a lot of time recalling the classic episode, “Hush”, and how they got the job. They also recalled that they scared a few people on the set, including Amber Benson. The episode also marked the debut of Tara. They also commented on how some executives at Fox weren’t sure about an episode where most of it has no dialogue.

They even demonstrated how thy “floated” when they approached their victims, which drew laughs from the audience. They also spent part of the weekend signing autographs and talking to fans.

Toy will be making history soon by being part of Goodnight, Burbank, a half-hour sitcom that will be exclusively on Hulu. It’s about the antics of the staff of a very small TV¬†station. Toy will be playing the director, who used to direct sexy movies in Europe. Miracle Laurie, better known as Mellie/November on Dollhouse will also be on the show as an entertainment reporter.

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