Win A Serenity Comic Signed By Nathan Fillion From Whedonopolis’ Friends at Fanboy Comics

Recently a few members of the FBC staff were able to attend a taping of Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show featuring Captain Tightpants himself! The FBC gang had the chance to meet Fillion and even had him sign a few Serenity comics for their fans! And, as dedicated fanboys & fangirls, they also wanted to pass on that opportunity to the hard core Whedon fanatics that make up the readers of Whedonopolis!


Want a chance to win a signed Serenity comic??? Of course you do!!! Send an email to using the subject line "Fillion Giveaway." Along with being entered in the giveaway, you’ll be signed up for The Fanboy Scoop, a free, daily e-newsletter from the gang at FBC which covers all the essential geek news for the day (including our beloved! Current subscribers of The Fanboy Scoop are also encouraged to enter the contest by emailing


The names of the winners will be posted on the Fanboy Comics website on Monday, March 7th, so be sure to check back with with them!


Good luck, Browncoats! 


Till the end of the world,

-Bryant the Comic Book Slayer

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