Firefly: Love and Cable Are Keeping It In the Air

The show, which introduced people to some Big Damn Heroes wearing Browncoats, is starting a new run on the Science Channel. It was previously on SyFy and on the Ovation network (where the episodes were shown in high definition for the first time).The Science Channel’s idea is to start each episode with a short introduction by Dr. Michio Kaku. He hosts Sci Fi Science, where he shows how the advanced technology in sci-fi movies may be more likely than people think, In the first two shows, he briefly talked about terraforming, which created the future planets of the Alliance, and warp drive. In future episodes, he’s likely to comment on some of the other aspects of the ‘verse, such as communication, medicine, and maybe how being stranded in space is much more deadly than being stranded on the highway.

Aside from that, it’s a new opportunity to introduce people to the saga of the Serenity, its crew, and how they try to live their own lives outside of the Alliance. Some who aren’t familiar with the show will see a lot of familiar faces, and ask questions like “Is that why Castle wore that Space Cowboy costume?” or “How come Casey has a beard and a big gun?” or “Isn’t that Orwell?” Then, they stay for the shiny stories the series will unfold. That’s how new Browncoats are recruited


Firefly airs Sunday nights at 10 PM Eastern/7 PM Pacific on the Science Channel


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