********** CONTAINS SPOILERS ********** 

That’s right…Buffy and what’s left of the Scooby Gang move to San Francisco while Angel and Faith will team up for the foreseeable future. This is after the tragic results of the end of the last series, including the death of Rupert Giles in #39.

Not only is Buffy trying to pick up the pieces, but Angel and Faith as well. They will both live in Giles’ old home in the UK. In fact, artist Georges Jeanty was stunned about Giles’ fate. He was hoping that somehow Giles would not be killed, but was soon resigned to his fate. Allie says Joss Whedon will write the first issue of Buffy season 9, while he’ll share the writing duties with Andrew Chambliss. Fans of The Vampire Diaries are familiar with his work, but he also write the Dollhouse episode “Spy in the House of Love”

Allie also said Spike will eventually be part of season 9. He was last seen leaving in a spaceship. As for Angel’s crew, from Illyria to Connor and Gunn, they will also be part of the new season. Some mini-series are also planned. Allie also said Joss is interesting in bringing back Fray, the Future Slayer, at some point.

Also, a new five-issue Dollhouse mini-series is coming this summer. Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tanchareon will co-write the series, as they did the one-shot this past week. This will be based on the Epitaph episodes from the show. , It takes place  in a future where the whole world has become a Dollhouse, with peoples’ personalities are put in other bodes, just like Echo.

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