They didn’t have any clips from the movie, which has just premiered the day before in San Francisco, but the crowd still loved Gunn and Wilson interviewing each other and talking about how they got Super off the ground with the help of Gunn’s former wife, Jenna Fischer. She suggested that Wilson could be perfect as Frank, a short-order cook who loses his wife to a drug dealer, and decides to don a costume to tell crime to shut up, and hopefully save his wife as well. The cast includes Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon and Ellen Page. Gunn said he was proud of his actors for doing this movie for a much lower salary because they had faith in it. “Even though they have great careers, they still want to do something they care about, ” Gunn said. Gunn talked a lot about how movie studios seem to want to make films that appeal to all age groups, and that they’ll all come out in the opening weekend. he admits Super is different from the usual superhero movie. “It isn’t a movie for everybody” he said. “It’s a movie for the outcasts, rebels and the geeks, and all the oddballs out there.”

It’s also a violent film, when Frank does a lot of damage with his weapon of choice, a wrench. Page played a super hero in the third X-Men movie, but  as Frank’s sidekick Boltie, she gets a bit too enthusiastic. She also redefines the hero-sidekick relationship is a disturbing way.

Also in the movie is Nathan Fillion, who plays the Holy Avenger. Gunn admits that character is based on Bibleman, a Christian superhero. Gunn also said Nathan was great as the righteous but cheesy hero who inspires Frank to be a hero.

Wilson also talked about how The Office would change after Steve Carrell leaves later this month. He joked Queen Latifah would taker over at Dunder Mifflin, then revealed there hasn’t been a decision on who would be the new boss. “It could be an internal promotion. It could be from outside,” Wilson said. “The writers don’t even know. They’re just puling their hair out, and they’re just like ‘let us get through this season, write an awesome climax to this season and then we’ll  worry about it in the hiatus this summer and figure it out then'”. He did praise Carrell for his work on the show and called him a sweet awesome dude.

In its first week, Super earned nearly 53 thousand dollars, in just eleven screens. It will be expanding to other cities over the next four weeks, then will be available on on-demand cable afterwards.

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