He spent some time at the California Browncoats booth, selling copies of the DVD. In his Facebook page, he says they raised nearly two thousand dollars that weekend. "We’ve been able to donate more than 40 thousand dollars to charities to date," he said.  "I think that Browncoats Redemption has its best success because of people actually seeing it, touch it and interacting (with) it, It’s one thing to do sales online, It’s another when you’re talking to Browncoats that have already watched it, that aren’t like me, the creator."

Daughtery has visited many conventions over the past few months, most recently the South By Southwest Festival in Austin and the Emerald City Con in Seattle. He even got good compliments about the movie from fans, and even a staff member from ZOIC Studios, well-known for special effects.

This month should be very special for the DVD. The Facebook page has announced a trailer for the movie will be added to Time Warner Cable’s Movie Trailers On Demand section around April 13th. This will cover New York, Los Angeles, and parts of 28 states. Also, a release date for the remastered DVD and Blu-Ray DVD is expected soon. They will include new soundtracks, the complete score, a director’s commentary track, and songs donated by singer Marian Call. For more information,  visit the Browncoats Redemption website.

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