SDCC 2011: The Adventures of the Button Lady- Preview Night Report

Yes, the Twihards are here.  Have been here since Monday. The story I heard was that they were lining
up next to the building, but over the next couple days, SDCC put up the
tents over the grass area, and then they were allowed to officially
congregate. It was all about being too close
to the building.
The WB is doing their crazy autorgraphing differently, this
year. They still haven’t announced
everything, but they will be giving out autograph tickets at the beginning of
the day (9-10 am) in the Sails Pavilion, and that will be the end of the
craziness in the Dealer’s room. On
Preview Night they’re main giveaway was a sheet of peper describing what
they’re doing, and who’s autographing for the Con.
The WB bags that were being given away with your pass
include: Big Bang Theory, ThunderCats,
Animated Justice League, Fringe, Vampire Diaries, Looney Tunes, Animated
Batman, and Supernatural,   I’m sure
there are more, but that’s what I can remember at this time. And as a change, the WB bags double as
backpacks like the SyFy bags did last year. They’re still too big to fit on your back.
There is a new shuttle route! We now have Teal!
USA was already giving out stuff in the street, like pairs
of white sunglasses (Covert Affairs and White Collar) and green sunglasses (for
At the Glee booth, you can perform Karaoke, the Doctor Who
people are hosting a QR scavenger hunt, DC is putting you up against a
green-screen and printing you a picture of the Justice League with you in their
midst. G4 is giving away a little red,
glowy-blinky thing, and they’re threatening to give you prizes if they see you
wearing it.
And for those of my friends who may be jealous of me since
I’m in the Omni this year: The bathroom
door doesn’t latch. The beds are only
full size. There’s no complimentary
breakfast. And on the subject of the
bathroom again – it’s not separated into 2 sections: You know how one person could be getting
ready, while someone else is actually using the facilities? Yeah. Can’t do that. One room,
only. But I tell you, the idea of
rolling out of bed and falling into the Con straight off cannot be beaten.
Also, Game of Thrones fans were sleeping outside in a line
for Ballroom 20, starting at 9:30pm Wednesday night, when their panel is at
3:00 on Thursday. Well, someone’s gotta
keep the Twihards company, I guess.
Anyway, gotta go. Today will be a long day filled with making hard choices (Torchwood or
Cirque de Soleil?), and hot and sweaty people. Me, I’m bringing love to the Con.


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