Day was joined by director Peter Winter,and Whedonverse fave Doug Jones, who will be playing a mage. Day said she got a call from Bioware, producers of the Dragon Age game, about making a webseries based within that world. She quickly said yes, and has been busy with that project aside from The Guild and her current role on Eureka. She said the video game’s world is incredibly layered, and that the story makes you want to follow their journeys. The story, though, is what’s important, Winther said they had a good story, and got some good people to join in. They even got John Bartley, who had worked on Lost. They filed in and around Los Angeles for several weeks, and they hope to have the series released sometime this year.

Just like her web series, The Guild, the episodes will be about six to ten minutes each. She said she did a lot of training to become an elfin assassin, a far cry from Codex. She noted that shorter episodes means a faster-paced story.

The panel also noted that because of new technologies, movies and video games are slowing merging and cross-pollination as far as telling stories, and making money. Still, the most important thing is how good a story you can tell.

The audience also got a longer trailer of the series, featuring Day in action. It’s safe to say the crowd was very impressed.

Day will be seen all Comic-Con weekend meeting with fans, and at the Guild panel at the Hilton Bayfront Saturday.

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