After walking the length of Ballroom 20, the length of the white canopies on the outside, finding more canopies around the corner, going down a flight of steps, walking some more, going down another flight of steps, and seeing that the line ended somewhere down the grotto from the docks, I heard my name being called.  Oh, thank you, Hera! 


My friends saved me again, from the sweet hells that are the lines at Comic-Con.  Though I had snagged an errant chair that I had passed on my way past the canopies and the canopies, and the stairs, and the…you get the idea.


So, as we stood (I sat!) and comforted each other with the idea that “the hall is empty, the hall is empty…”, so it was kind of okay to see what looked like over 4,000 people waiting outside, and we should be worried…we really shouldn’t be worried.


As it turned out, we were a little late into the Torchwood panel, so we didn’t see the cast enter, as the security outside were trying to squeeze the last of us that they could into the ballroom.  And thank you, security, very much for that!


Eve Myles is a funny, raunchy little girl, making funny passes at every fan who called out that they loved her.  (Pinky and thumb wiggling at her ear, “Call me.  No seriously.  Call me. No.  Seriously.  Call me.”  Then, winking and giving a come hither look.  “Seriously.”)


The panel was filled with much hilarious innuendo and great fun, with the entire cast of “Miracle Day” guffawing the hour away.  As a great surprise, when I went up to the microphone, (which also has a video feed), John Barrowman saw me, and hollered out (for all of Ballroom 20 to witness) “OH!  It’s the Button Lady!!!!!!!!”  I just love Comic Con!


My question, by the way, was for Alexa Havins (“Esther Drummond” in “Torchwood: Miracle Day”) and I told her that the main point of disbelief for the episodes has been her crazy shoes.  She agreed, and remarked on her incredulousness on being handed them, and expected to do action scenes.


So, I sat through the Walking Dead panel.  It looks like a great season coming up, but I took this time to take a bathroom pass and get something to eat.


So, I got a much better seat for The Big Bang Theory panel, but spent most of my time standing in the question line.  This is another very funny group, and Chris Hardwick moderated.


When I got to the microphone, this time Chris Hardwick was the one who noticed my buttons.  “Oh!  It’s the Button Queen!!  What’s your name?” (he asked everyone for their name).  I retorted, “Button Lady  The whole crowd did a “oooOOOooo”


The first thing I said was, “This is for Jim [Parsons] and the writers.  I want to thank you for never answering the questions as to whether Sheldon is autistic.  I work with children with autism, and Sheldon isn’t autistic, he’s just ‘Sheldon’”.  I received a moderate applause.


My question, though, was for Mayim was, “I saw you on ‘What Not to Wear’ and I was wondering if you’re worried that they might be mad at you for the clothes you’re wearing in your character.”


She spoke about how they (on “What Not to Wear”) had told her not to wear baggie clothing, and she’s wearing baggie clothing.  They said not to wear men’s clothing, and she’s wearing men’s clothing, etc., etc., but they helped her a lot in her personal life, and she still uses those rules and the list of the right things to wear.  Then, as I was walking away from the mic, she added, “And button capes – not on that list, either!”  The crowd erupted – it was hilarious!


When I left the BBT panel (the Bones panel, which had been next, had been cancelled, we’re not sure why), so I got myself a bathroom pass and went out to the people who were probably not going to get in for their precious True Blood panel, and I traded it for swag.  She was happy, I was happy, we were all happy.


Now, between my question for Psych, the day before, and my BBT experience, people have been coming up to me, even more than just being the Button Lady, telling me how much they loved my experiences at the microphone.  In fact, someone even asked me if I felt insulted by Mayim’s retort.  Oh, goodness!  Of course not!  How can a person wear a button cape and not expect funny comments from everywhere?  I’m a media whore.  I love the attention.


When I met Seth Green yesterday, he actually had a stranger holding the elevator door open while he was fiddling with his camera, so he could take my picture, and then his camera phone failed him, and he had to readjust it.  “Oh, no!  Now I’m ‘that guy’!” 


Well, during that experience, since he was so impressed with my cape, I had told him that I had a dedicated “Whedon Cape” that I would be wearing tomorrow, and that I had Oz on there.  “Oh, like one or two?”  “No!” I assured him.  “Like 4 or 5!”  “Oh, really?”


So, I attempted to stalk him today, which failed miserably.  I couldn’t get into the Robot Chicken panel, so I waited outside the Indigo Ballroom, thinking I might see him come out of the hotel at some point.  While I was waiting outside the hotel, besides seeing several friends coming out, a gentleman dressed well came up to me and was impressed with my cape.  Then, he said, “I hope you didn’t feel bad by what the cast said…”  Hm?  That’s strange to say it like that.  “OH!  You’re the WRITER!” I exclaimed.  Steve Molaro, who is a writer on the series (though listed often as only executive producer) was talking to me!!!!  He wanted a picture with me, and I even put the button cape ON him!  He wanted it.  He really, really wanted it.  I swear.


So, I never ran into Seth Green, and the “Whedon Cape” is now retired for the rest of the con, but I will be wearing the “everything” cape tomorrow, which still may have a couple buttons with Oz on it.


After that, I tuckered myself out walking from the Hilton to the Marriott for the free soda in the Con Suite, and then had dinner with friends.  Time for bed, and building tomorrow’s strategy.


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