SDCC 2011: Live Podcast For Guild Fans

While people mingled or played video games, others say Kenny Mittleider, dressed as a hobbit, broadcast live on UStream. His co-host, Jenni, wasn’t there, but this guy was…

Vince Caso, also known as Bladezz. He talked about is experiences so far at the event, and about season five coming next Tuesday. Just before the podcast, he did reveal to Whedonopolis how this season would be very different from the past.

They’re going on the road to a convention, and that will put the Knights of Good in interesting situations “Logically speaking, you go on the road to a convention, and you have to shack up somewhere,’ he said. “The Guild, in the process thereof, ends up getting very cozy with each other, and you learn a few interesting things.

He also admits this could be his most favorite season yet. “We always try to up the ante a little bit, every new season we make, and this is by far the funniest season for me.”

Eventually, Jenni Powell did come to the mike. We’re not sure why she was late, but she got back to the swing of things quickly.


The Knights of the Guild podcast can be found on iTunes and
and we end this story with…


Cookies and love, just like in the show’s theme song.

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