Here’s Colin Ferguson with Whedonverse favorite Felicia Day, who just joined the cast as Dr. Holly Martin. While Whedonopolis didn’t get a chance to talk to her because of other commitments, Ferguson did talk about how he was happy the audience at the panel wished him a happy birthday. He also admitted he was surprised how big Ballroom 20 was compared to the smaller rooms the cast had their panels in the past. "It’s actually really well laid out," he said. "It’s really well-designed. It’s a fantastic space. It felt just as intimate as the other one, which was great." He said that he was very eager to answer the fans’ questions about the show.

A common one was when Jack would get together with Alison. He said it’s a good idea the show is taking this subject slow. "My reality is that relationships are hard, and they’re work, and they take a long time," he said. "For me it was really nice to sort of been able to have as many problems as we’ve had, and are still going to have in the next year and a half before he actually hopefully get together."

Another familiar face will be part of the show over the next year: Wil Wheaton, who will be back as Dr. Parrish of the Non-Lethal Weapons lab at Global Dynamics.


Wheaton says Parrish will be as arrogant as ever and a smart-aleck. He also may have scenes with Day this season. He says it was great working with her again since The Guild, but admitted it’s quite a different experience from being part of a popular webseries.

"There’s an apocryphal saying that if you love your job it’s not really work," he said, "and that’s very true in my life."

The producers also reveled that the Christmas episode will actually be partially-animated, and not in one style. Some may say Eureka is animated enough with all the scientific hi-jinks that happen.

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