SDCC 2011: Robot Chicken

This year’s panel featured Seth Green, Mathew Senereich, Tom Root, Doug Goldstein, Zev Wells, Breckin Meyer, and Matt Beans.  The panel began with the announcement that Season 5.5 will begin airing on October 23rd.  It was announced that the complete Season 5 DVD will be released October 25.  This will include 9 episodes from the season that will have not yet aired!  Other announcements included that Robot Chicken is up for 3 Emmy nominations this year.  The nominations are: Best Short Form Animated Program for the Robot Chicken Christmas Special, Best Animated Program for Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode III, and Seth Green has been nominated for Outstanding Voice Performance.  Congratulations to them for all the nominations, and I hope they win all of them.

A preview clip of scenes from Season 5.5 was shown for all of us.  I can only describe it as awesome and if you see that chicken cross the road, run like hell.  The majority of the panel was spent on audience Q&A.  Topics ranged from when will the actual My Little Pony Apocalypse Ponies be made (support this!) to continuing talks about a Robot ChickenVenture Bros cross over (It’s probable, they just need time for both shows to work on it).  There was also some talk about  Robot Chicken (or at least Seth Green) making an appearance on Breckin Meyers’ new show Franklin & Bash (on TNT); and some back and forth about who has more Emmys, Robot Chicken or Family Guy (they are tied 4 each).

The panelists were hilarious, and describing what I saw with text won’t do it justice.  Luckily, Adult Swim has a habit of filming these events and posting them on their website  It’ll probably be available sometime soon, so go check it out when it is. 

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