Co-creator Devin Clark said during a press panel at last week’s San Diego Comic-Con that it’s tricky to make a comedy show that also throws in some disturbing images.  "Sometimes I think we catch ourselves getting too gory or violent," he said, "and have to remember to reel it in and go for funny."
Still, he says the relationship with Comedy Central has been great.  The producers announced there will soon be a video game version of the show.
Clark also says there’s a deep psychology within the show that explains the needs and dreams of all of the characters, whether alive or dead.   This is even true of Mark, who often tries to "fix" Callie and make her less evil.  "He’s doing the right thing," Clark says, "and sometimes that means being beaten and killed multiple times."  Viewers will learn that Mark tried to "fix" a previous girlfriend who was allergic to eggs, and that didn’t turn out too well.
Animation director Aaron Augenblick says they try to make the show look like a comic book, specifically the gory EC horror comics of the 1950’s, and the style of Fleischer cartoons from the ’30’s. He and Clark design all of the characters.  Randy Pearlstein, who does the voice of Leonard, also wrote "Cabin Fever", a popular horror movie from 2002.
Ugly Americans airs Thursdays at 10:30 ET/PT on Comedy Central
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